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Our in-house design experts work with you to bring your project from concept to fabrication and installation.

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We can construct new, repair or extend and modify existing systems to your requirements.


Soakaway & attenuation 

Wrapped attenuation or soakaways tank built in the factory with a fixed price per cubic metre


Road/Service marker pins

100% electrically insulated and 100% recyclable and available in lengths from 500mm - 1000mm and can be supplied in various colours.


Boats & boat repairs

New build HDPE RCB (rigid collared boat) from 5m - 7m available for hire and purchase. 7m - 12m boats built to order.

All HDPE boats repairs undertaken nationwide.

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Boot Wash Stations

BFS boot wash stations available to purchase or Hire and available in 1-6 person formats or custom builds to your requirements.

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Marina Pontoons

Custom designed marina pontoons built to suit existing infrastructure. new product can incorporate smart filter technology to remove hydrocarbons for the water.

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Gravity Bases

for site signage

lightweight gravity sign bases are ideal for site road and rail where speed of installation or easy transport is a factor. G-Bases can be filled with water, gravel

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Smart Chambers

Environmental protection is a key driver today and our smart chambers are constructed to meet your requirements, airports, car parks, surface water runoff or marine industry.


Interceptors Tanks

Coming Soon the BFS range of interceptors and silt busters have capacities from 1000 litres up to 10,000 litres and can be purchased direct or hired  to suit you site and contract requirements.


Bio-security washdown

Coming Soon The BFS Bio-security wash downs are designed for critical environments where there is a high risk of contamination spread. ideal for farms and livestock centres.  products include boot wash, wheel-wash station


Survey and Testing

Chamber and pipe inspection and surveys in Medium and High Risk environments including Full BA and all RAMS, permits and rescue plans

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